Amazing collections get a new life at Abbeys Auctions

Every week the Abbeys Auctions team has the privilege of viewing and managing the private collections of Victorians. This is with a view to assisting our clients to move to a new location, or to give their possessions a new life by selling at public auction.

One of the many rooms requiring clearance – full of amazing collectables.

Sometimes the collection is part of a deceased estate, or the owner has simply decided it’s time to declutter,  downsize or sell for profit. 

Last week the team visited a home in the Western suburbs that, from the front, was a normal suburban home, but on entering the back of the property it was obvious the owners had spent a lifetime collecting some amazing treasures.

The owners had decided it was time to move overseas and so they turned to Abbeys Auctions for help. Our Property Services Manager met with the family, viewed the premises and provided a quotation for removing all items from the property.

When asked about it, Hugh Farrelly said that “this collection was incredible and clearly had taken many years to put together. It included hundreds of collectable Coca Cola and McDonalds items, the largest model car collection I have ever seen, and a whole room dedicated to Christmas. Everywhere you looked there was something unique”.   

Our team arrived and immediately set to work carefully documenting everything, packing the fragile items into boxes, and loading the collection into several of our trucks.  Once they arrived back at the Abbeys auction rooms, the excited Auction team set about creating a front window display in readiness for auction – and what a sight it is to see! 

“It is great that we can provide the family with a sense of relief that not only are we helping them to move their items out, but that the items will be purchased by people with a similar love of collectables and vintage curiosities”. 

Whilst the majority of these items will be sold at auction, part of the service included the disposal or donation of the remaining goods. With a view to reducing landfill and caring for the environment, every attempt is made to ensure items are sold via public auction or donated if possible.  Abbeys can coordinate all of the services needed to clear a house and provide a single streamlined account with supporting documentation – this means fewer trades to coordinate and fewer bills to pay.

These items will be placed into several auctions during August and September 2022.  Check out our auction catalogues at:

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Our amazing front window!