From auction to artwork

Jackie’s Story

Jacki Hood is a multi-disciplinary Melbourne based artist who completed the Graduate Certificate in Visual Art at Victorian College of the Arts at the University of Melbourne, in 2019. Her research and art practices include Found Object Art and as a collector she visits Abbeys Auctions frequently. Jacki is interested in the stories and history of objects and how when presented in an unexpected way objects can be reconsidered. Viewers bring their own unique stories and histories and respond differently to objects from the past. As shown in the below photographs, the installation of firescreens purchased at Abbeys was presented amongst other artists works in the GCVA Graduate Exhibition as if they were proud portraiture’s on the wall.

Firescreens were once found in the hearth of the home where families would gather around for heat and cooking. They were also important decorative objects sometimes crafted by family members. In summer they hid the cavernous fireplace. Although firescreens are now considered obsolete by many, Jacki still finds them an object of beauty.

Jacki continues to visit Abbeys to find beautiful objects to transform into works of art.