How Abbeys helped to transform a new home

Richard & Michelle’s story

Richard and Michelle recently purchased their first house together. They only problem was that both being new to Melbourne they had little in the way of furniture and like most home buyers they had an extremely tight budget. Michelle had a very clear picture in her mind about the style of decor she wanted and was not prepared to compromise on quality. She also had an excellent mental map about the size and aspect of each of the rooms. Richard had discovered Abbeys Auctions soon after arriving in Melbourne and so he suggested that with a long settlement period ahead they set about the task of equipping their home by purchasing antique and pre-loved furniture at Auction.

Over many weeks, Michelle and Richard visited Abbeys Auctions and piece by piece they bid on and bought things for their home. Richard watched the garage of their rented property fill with a weird and wonderful assortment of items. As they approached moving day, he became more and more nervous about just how it was all going to fit and look right in their new place. But Michelle’s mental plan had all of that covered. On moving day the truck arrived to load up their stored purchases, and piece by piece Michelle laid them through the house in perfect harmony.

Over the past years, Michelle and Richard have continued to regularly visit Abbeys to collect decorative pieces for the finishing touches to their home. They share a passion for history, particularly oriental antiques and a mutual interest in the unique and the curious. The result is beautiful and eclectic mix of wonderful things that has transformed their house into a stylish home.

“When my friends come to visit they are amazed. They say “wow” these things are so unusual and so beautiful. Wherever did you get them?” says Michelle. “I’m proud to tell them that I got it all at Abbeys Auctions and they are so envious!”.