Coins and Stamps

At Abbeys Auctions we see a vast range of coins and stamps amongst other highly sought after collectables at our online auctions.

We hold weekly general furniture and household goods auctions every Friday, and hold a Collectables and Classics auction every month. Both can have coins, stamps and other philately items.

From time to time we also hold special auctions for particular collectable items. For example, we ran a Collectable Coins & Banknotes online auction in December 2020, and Stamps, Covers and Postcards in 20th June 2021. These auctions are typically held when the majority of items come from a private collector.

Some examples of the collectable items we have listed for auction in the past include:


  • Great Britain 1 penny black Queen Victoria plat 103 on card Paris Exhibition proof in black, (original purchase price 800 pounds)
  • Canada 2002 48c missing horse M.N.H., Un1933i CV $2500
  • Great Britain bundle of entires x 24 (1812 onwards0, plus 4 On Her Majesties Service envelopes (1849 onwards)
  • Europe early postcards
  • Great Britain 1961 SG629a 6d Parliamentary Conference with gold omitted, CV 2200 pounds M.H.H.
  • Nova Scotia 1851 SG2 EXC margins VFU CV 140 pounds
  • Heavy box of registration labels and stamps with postmarks in country order (1000s)
  • Newfoundland 1868 SG7 5c CV 110 pounds


  • 5 x Australian $100 paper banknotes all consecutive serial ZCZ993261 to 65
  • 2 Dansco Australian coin albums including three and six pence and shilling
  • Australian Coombs and Wilson 10 shilling star note
  • 1908 half sovereign worn
  • 10 x Australian post 1946 florins
  • Group of coins including 2 x USA 1988 Olympics liberty dollar, 2 x USA 1988 proof sets and an Australian 1988 $5 coin
  • Bag with pre 1936 sixpences approximately 140 grams
  • “The Perth Mint” Centenary Sovereign Proof Issue in box (22 carat gold and .99 silver)

HAVE A COLLECTION? Thinking of selling?

Selling at auction is a great way to sell collectable items like coins and stamps. Contact us to discuss your options.


Check out our current auctions online, call us on 03 9898 2118 to see if we have what you’re after or visit our rooms on Thursdays between 9am and 5pm. Each week we get new stock!