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Presenting and exchanging rings has been used to mark significant milestones throughout the ages. These days, the milestones can often include the birth of a child, a major birthday, a graduation, an anniversary, and of course getting engaged (and then married).  Marking an engagement to be married by presenting a ring to your partner is a long-standing tradition, with a diamond set ring the popular choice for most proposers.

Believe it or not there, is actually far more than just one type of engagement ring. In fact, in recent years it has become quite popular to pick a ring with a different type of precious stone, such as emeralds, sapphires and rubies instead of a diamond. There are also vintage rings which when compared to modern rings might not look quite so shiny, but provide an element of uniqueness, and vintage style which cannot be matched. An estate jewellery auction is the perfect place to find such a ring.

The gallery below shows rings found in the February 25, 2023 Fine Jewellery & Timepieces Auction. Fine Jewellery auctions are held 4 – 6 times a year. To check out upcoming auctions, please click here.

Many of us have heard of the four “C’s” – Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat. Just like with diamonds, these also are still applicable to other precious stones and will also directly affect their value, but for the sake of engagement rings did you know exactly how much variation there can be in these centre stones?


The cut of a centre stone in the type of ring you or your partner choose actually says a little bit about you, with nine common styles of cuts, which can often change in popularity from year to year.

  • Brilliant Cut – this is the round traditional style that most people always associate with getting married, mostly from seeing them on romantic movies or on family members, these are extremely popular and classic.
  • Baguette Cut– a little more subtle than a brilliant cut, but just as timeless. These are shaped long and thin, similar in profile to the French breadstick after which it was named.
  • Heart cut – cut in the shape of a heart, there is no better option for a true romantic.
  • Pear cut – essentially if you hold it upside down, this is in the shape of a tear, except it’s only likely to make you happy!
  • Emerald cut – a rectangular cut, with a strong emphasis of clarity. It’s the modern twist on the traditional setting.
  • Oval cut- You guessed it, made into an oval shape. This helps giving the appearance of a larger stone than a brilliant cut.
  • Marquise cut – similar in appearance to a pear cut, except with two ends coming to a finer point. This cut is a little unconventional but quite common with other stones.
  • Cushion cut – with an overall square appearance with rounded edges, giving the appearance of a cushion.
  • Trillion cut – the diamond has been cut into a triangular shape. Their three sides are usually of equal length while the surface has a flat table.


Size isn’t everything, but it can help. It’s important to get a centre stone which is big enough to be seen but subtle enough not to get caught on things especially if the intention is to wear it daily.


Not only do Diamonds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but they have a variety of colours. This is also the case with many precious stones, and often, depending on their origin can drastically change the colour. Some colours are far more desirable than others, but this can often change and depends of your preference. Some well known examples you possibly may have heard of include pink or black diamonds.


Clarity is the number of miniscule cracks, flaws or imperfections within a precious stone. The less off and smaller the cracks are, the more light will refract giving a shinier outward appearance. When there are substantial clarity issues, stones can have an almost cloudy look.

Whatever it is that captures you or your partners eye, there is always a large variety of rings up for sale at Abbey’s Auctions.  You can discretely browse our selection of rings (both online or in our auction rooms every Thursday) without giving away what you’re truly shopping for. This is something that really can’t be achieved at any other retail jewellery shop!  Happy bidding!