Decluttering & Downsizing

Are you overwhelmed by clutter and need help organising your home? Abbeys are specialists in decluttering services and offer a complete solution to residences of all sizes in Melbourne.

Our decluttering services include:

  • Decluttering your house, room by room
  • Sorting and identifying optimal places for household items
  • Removal of rubbish & recyclables
  • Donation to charity of unwanted goods and clothing
  • Sale of items at auction to put money back in your pocket

We help you enjoy your home again and make living easier and more relaxing.

Decluttering before Downsizing

Many people use our decluttering services when looking to downsize their home.

A commonly asked question we get from clients is:

“What do we do with the things that we don’t want to take with us, or won’t fit into our new home?”

Your Abbeys Relocation Specialist will work with you to ensure that you and your possessions will fit comfortably into your new home. We also put together a plan of action for what is left behind – we can deliver items to family members, arrange goods to be sold at auction, donate to charity to be used by others, or disposed of responsibly (either recycled or as rubbish).

Our decluttering services are also useful for clearing out deceased estates. We can help you sort through items and decide which are worth selling at auction, which are worth donating to charity and what should be thrown out or recycled.

Our team has been supporting executors of deceased estates for over 40 years and have been endorsed by The State Trustees of Victoria and their recommended auction house for more than 3 decades.

Tips on decluttering your home

Here are some quick tips to help you start decluttering your home:

  • Choose a shelf

    Pick a single shelf in a bookcase or cupboard and go through it. Remove any non-essential items and put them in a box for charity or sale.

  • Find spots for 5 items

    Sometimes you have items lying around because there’s no good spot for them. Pick up some items that are causing clutter and have a think about somewhere suitable they can go. And if you don’t need the items, donate or sell.

  • Clear a bench

    Flat spaces should always be clear of clutter. Start with one bench and look to remove everything apart from essential items. If there’s a Nutribullet you haven’t used in ages, put it in the cupboard. Sort through any loose papers and file them appropriately – and find a new place for all paperwork when it comes in.

  • Minimise your wardrobe

    Spend a day going through all your clothing. If you haven’t worn it in over 6 months, look to throw it out or donate it. (seasonal clothes are the exception)

  • Make a 30-day list

    Sometimes half the problem with decluttering is you are continually adding new items to the mix. Next time you want to buy something non-essential, write it down on the list. It’s amazing how often you have an impulse that goes away over time. Once this happens, cross an item off the list. Any item that’s still on there after 30 days you can look to purchase.