Just how much is TV memorabilia worth?

Last week we were asked by Whitehorse Leader journalist Kiel Egging just how much memorabilia from the axed TV show “Neighbours” could be worth. The article was title “Neighbours axed: How much fans could pay for TV soap’s memorabilia”.

Part of the image from the Herald Sun online article: Credit: Tony Gough

Kiel posed the question in anticipation of Fremantle Media beginning the process of dismantling the filming studio and asked Auction Manager Matthew Fiedorowicz his thoughts.

Matthew said that “screen-worn clothing from similar TV shows was selling online for $30-50 a piece”, and that he expected Neighbours’ items could attract a similar price. Items such as the original ‘clapper boards” could sell for about $100.

Matthew also suggested that significant and iconic pieces, such as the Ramsay St street sign, could sell for up to $10,000, depending on how many had been used in the show’s long history.

“If there was only one then $5000-$10,000 would be my estimate … if there are a handful of signs then I’d say somewhere around $2000-$4000.”

Matthew was subsequently interviewed by Sammy J on ABC Radio Melbourne, where they discussed the difference between TV memorabilia and movie memorabilia. Items from movies do tend to attract a higher value than items from TV shows.

Abbeys Auctions does sell a range of memorabilia from time to time but it’s more common to see prints, action figures and cardboard cut out promotional pieces from movies rather than actual items used in the movie. The images below are from recent auctions:

We do work with media companies to help them sell items of value, and we have one such auction coming up in May! More on that later!

Sport memorabilia is even more common and our March 25 weekly estates auction is testament to that, with a range of framed items up for auction, including Muhammed Ali, Ian Thorpe, Peter Brock, boxer Joe Frazier, Pat Rafter, Tiger Woods, Collingwood Football Club, and a Sydney 2000 Olympics Australian Olympic team blazer. Most come with certificates of authenticity.

It goes to show that there’s always something interesting at Abbeys Auctions – and it pays to check the auctions on a weekly basis as stock is always changing!

Herald Sun subscribers can view the whole article here: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/leader/east/neighbours-axed-how-much-fans-could-pay-for-tv-soaps-memorabilia/news-story/3eca108c8d9a001b25630a822b7cf3e4