Improving liveability of our suburbs: a smart idea becomes a reality.

At the new Bus Stop: (l to r) Hugh Farrelly, Director of Abbeys Auctions; Will Fowles, Minister for Burwood and Lydia Lin, Abbeys Auctions team member.

A member of the Abbeys Auctions team, Lydia Lin, takes a bus to and from work each day from Box Hill.  It takes Lydia 40 minutes to walk to her bus stop at the corner of Warragul and Burwood Roads.  Whilst the bus officially concludes the route at this stop, the turn-around route takes the bus down an “out of service” journey down Evans Street and quite close to Abbeys on Highbury Road before returning to Warragul Road. 

Lydia suggested that a Bus Stop could be added along this route and bring Public Transport options closer to the many businesses, services and residences along Highbury Road – not least Abbeys Auctions.

Abbeys director Amanda Brook took Lydia’s suggestion to Will Fowles, the Minister for Burwood, who offered to take up the challenge.

Last week, the team at Abbeys were surprised by an impromptu drop-in by Will Fowles with some great news – the Bus Stop has been installed and will soon be integrated into the 766 route!

The new Bus Stop and extended route 766

The Minister said that this was a “terrific local suggestion and a result that delivers a massive convenience uplift at minimal cost, and most importantly, without changing the bus route itself, simply adding an additional stop of the path that the bus is already travelling”. 

Congratulations Lydia, for not only identifying a gap in the Public Transport access but taking action to do something about it!  This is just another example of Abbeys Auctions commitment and interest in enhancing our local Community and looking after our people.

And, if you’re considering travelling to Abbeys Auction by public transport your options will soon be increased also!