Unveiling history: the process of decluttering “Inverleith”

In February 2020, during the onset of the COVID outbreak, Andrew and Jill Bosse embarked on the task of decluttering their family home, “Inverleith”, located in Warrnambool, Western Victoria.

‘Inverleith’, 55 Canterbury Road, Warrnambool is up for auction December 9th, 2023
Photo credit: Stockdale & Leggo

The property housed numerous sheds, prompting the family to sift through years of accumulated possessions.

Their progress was impeded by both the pandemic but also the emotions involved in parting with items that held sentimental value from years of family history.

It wasn’t until the beginning of 2023 that the final decision was made to sell the home, meaning significant decluttering was needed before it went on the market in order to truly showcase the classic Victorian residence.

Seeking assistance, they reached out to Abbeys Auctions following an online search. Our representatives visited the property to fully understand the family’s needs as well as the scale of work to be completed.

Subsequently, in late October a dedicated team of six Abbeys team members made the journey to Warrnambool, meticulously packing and transporting all items destined for auction back to the Auction House in Burwood.

The Decluttering difference: before and after photos of one of the main rooms

It was a huge relief to see the house less cluttered but more importantly it was good to know that each piece would find new homes.

Whilst the empty rooms had lost their ‘shine’ after so many years of holding glass, silver and other shiny items that captured the light, the house looked so much better in readiness for auction.

The Abbeys team were efficient and empathetic, ensuring all goods were packed with care. They made the whole process easier to manage.

– Jill Bosse

The Collectables & Classics auction on Saturday November 18, 2023 showcases a plethora of exquisite items from Inverleith, including those pictured below.

The Collectables & Classics auction containing items from the Inverleith estate takes place at the same time as Inverleith hits the market for sale: view the beautiful property here: