Auction Buyers

Abbeys has a range of auctions so there is something to suit all tastes.  And with fresh auctions each week, regular check-ins are advised if you don’t want to miss out. Each auction brings its unique appeal — luxurious collectables, modern interior elegance, lucky dip bargains and so much more. Each one is a chance to uncover something extraordinary and valuable. Dive in and discover what speaks to you. Ready to make a discovery?  There’s something for everyone.

There's something for everyone

  • Weekly Thumbnail
    Every Friday, discover a diverse mix of modern and vintage treasures.
  • Classics Thumbnail
    A monthly mix of extraordinary antiques, mid-century masterpieces, and cultural artefacts
  • Unclaimed Thumbnail
    Discover great bargains with a wide variety of items, ranging from brand new to gently used.
  • Modern Living Thumbnail
    Acquire luxurious furniture and homewares that are ex-display, gently used, or liquidated stock from top brands.
  • Collectors Thumbnail
    Curated collections of themed treasures bring together collectors, enthusiasts, and casual buyers.

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