Second Hand Furniture

As an auction house, we pride ourselves in selling quality second hand furniture.

There are some real benefits for you as the customer:

  • Price – Used furniture is cheaper than buying brand new, meaning you can save money when furnishing your home. For affordable furniture in Melbourne you can’t go past Abbeys.
  • Quality – Off the shelf furniture at retail outlets is often mass produced and poor quality. Second hand pieces – especially from earlier periods – is often higher quality and built to last.
  • Style – It gives you the flexibility to find unique pieces that suit your specific tastes and style.
  • Environment – Buying second hand is better for the environment because it reduces waste, along with your carbon footprint.
  • Character – A lot of second hand furniture has a story and when you buy a piece, you are not just buying a functional item but something with history that contributes to the character of your space
  • No wait times – How often have you bought a new couch or dining table only to find you have to wait 4 – 6 weeks for it to be delivered?  Once you have bought a second hand item from Abbeys, you can pick it up the same day, or have it delivered the following weeks!

Some of the most highly sought after used furniture in Melbourne are sideboards and tables from the 1960s. For example, Scandinavian furniture sells for in excess of $1000 in many shops. So when we get pieces at our auction house, they are snapped up very quickly!

We have auctions every Friday so to view our latest items, view our current catalogue.

Every month we also hold a special Collectables auction which features affordable pieces that are retro, vintage, modern or antique. No matter what you’re looking for, Abbeys will have something to suit your taste and budget.

Both auctions feature modern, retro, vintage and even antique items so you can find exactly what you’re looking for, at a great price!  

We also sometimes hold special auctions for Luxury and Modern furniture, so keep an eye on the current auctions page for more information.

Other popular items include desks, bookcases and couches. If you want to look at our furniture in more detail, please come down for a viewing on Thursdays.

Examples of our second hand furniture includes:

  • Modular couches
  • 2, 3 and 4 seater
  • Chaise sofa
  • Chaise lounge
  • Settee
  • Cabriole
  • Sectional
  • Recliner
  • L shaped
  • Arm chair
  • Ottoman

Examples of recent second hand furniture we’ve sold

Here’s some advice on buying second hand furniture from Abbeys:

  • If you’re viewing online, make sure you inspect a desired piece in person before auction day, to be satisfied with the condition before bidding.
  • For upholstered pieces, don’t be put off by the colour or pattern. If it has a sturdy frame, you can re-upholster it to suit your taste.
  • Make sure it will fit! Measure the dimensions accurately so you can be confident it will fit in the space you have at home.
  • Try before you buy. Sitting on the couch will give you a good idea if it’s an optimal size and feels right for your body.

Check out our current auctions online, call us on 03 9898 2118 to see if we have what you’re after or visit our rooms on published viewing days. Each week we get new stock!