Vintage Tins

As an auction house, we frequently have tobacco tins and tea tins at our weekly estate auctions. Sometimes we come across larger collections that take pride of place in our monthly Collectables & Classics Auctions. Usually this is because we have a wide selection, or if the tins are in great condition for their age. What is particularly interesting about both Tobacco and Tea tins are the vintage advertising that is printed on the outside.

Tobacco Tins:

Tobacco tins were manufactured in a small number of shapes and sizes. The small, flat tins were designed to be carried in a pocket. Other sizes were made to hold tobacco in bulk and these were usually cylinder or square in shape. The printing on the outsides of tins was the only way that Tobacco companies could differentiate themselves from others and make them attractive to the buyer.

Tea Tins

Tea tins are usually much larger in size than tobacco tins, giving them a larger area for advertising. Items containing Australian scenes and references to locations such as Melbourne are particularly collectable. Tea Tins are lovely vintage pieces that display well due to their color and markings.

Recent tobacco, tea and other tins at Abbeys Auctions

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