Breathing New Life into Auction Furniture

Transforming furniture bought at auction into valuable, eye-catching pieces is similar to the excitement of flipping houses, as popularised by TV shows like ‘The Block’. This creative endeavour is more than just a hobby; it’s an art form that can significantly enhance the value of your finds.

If you acquire furniture from an auction at a good price , the potential for an increase in value through careful restoration is immense. It’s an enjoyable process that uncovers the hidden charm and character buried beneath years of use and wear. Whether it’s a vintage table, a classic chair, or an old chest of drawers, each piece holds a story waiting to be retold through restoration. This journey of transformation not only brings a sense of accomplishment but can also turn into a profitable venture.

Choosing Your Restoration Style

When it comes to refurbishing furniture, you have two main options. First, you can opt for a classical restoration that stays true to the piece’s era. This involves using period-appropriate materials and techniques to restore it to its original glory. Alternatively, you could go for a modern twist, using contemporary finishes or colours to give the piece a fresh, unique look. The choice depends on your personal style and the potential market for the furniture.

Commonly Refurbished Auction Finds

The range of furniture that can be refurbished is vast and includes common items such as chairs, sofas and tables – practically anything made of wood. These pieces, once restored, can become the focal point of a room or a cherished item in someone’s home. The beauty of auction finds is that they often come with a story and a character that new furniture lacks.

Breathing New Life into Auction Furniture

Skills for Successful Furniture Restoration

Restoring furniture requires a blend of skills, such as woodworking, which is essential for dealing with structural repairs or modifications. Sanding, cutting, gluing, and filling are all part of the process, each step requiring careful attention to detail. For a high-quality finish, skills in French polishing are invaluable. Upholstering is another important skill, especially for items like chairs and sofas, where fabric can play a significant role in the overall appeal of the piece.

Diving into Furniture Restoration

If you’re new to furniture restoration, don’t be daunted by everything you might need to know! You can simply start by diving right in and learning through trial and error. For a more structured approach, however, there are plenty of books available, as well as YouTube videos and classes that can teach you the necessary skills for refurbishing furniture. Each project is a learning experience, and over time, your skills will grow, allowing you to take on more complex and rewarding projects.

Unleashing Your Creative Potential with Furniture Restoration

Restoring furniture bought at auctions is a fulfilling and potentially profitable hobby. Whether you decide to dive in headfirst or prefer to build your skills through classes and video tutorials gradually, the world of furniture restoration is rich with possibilities. Each piece you work on is a canvas for your creativity, and with each project, you breathe new life into something that might otherwise have been forgotten.

At Abbeys Auctions, we provide a treasure trove of potential projects – it’s up to you to unlock their hidden beauty and value. So, why not start your restoration journey and see where your creativity takes you?