Vintage Radios

What do you collect? As an auction house, we specialise in selling collections of all sorts of things! One of the more interesting collections we have had the privilege to sell has been over 200 vintage radios!

It is not uncommong to see antique, art deco and retro items in the Weekly Furniture and Estates auctions, but more often than not, items of this type are placed into our monthly Collectables & Classics Auctions. Vintage radios are collectable for their nostalgia; the more aged the better!

You are sure to find a radio to fit out your home, office or your business at Abbeys! Abbeys is based in Melbourne but ships worldwide; visit our current catalogue online to view what is currently up for auction.

Take a look at a recent video showcasing a special auction of vintage radios at Abbeys Auctions

Check out our current auctions online by viewing our current catalogue, call us on 03 9898 2118 to see if we have what you’re after or visit our rooms on published viewing days. Each week we get new stock!